The 66 Kids


The second volume of Bob Boze Bell and Marshall Trimble’s glorious take on growing up on the Mother Road. Check out the stories (some of them even true!) and hi-jinks from Boxlip Darell to Leadfoot Logas, it is a rowdy romp back to the old days of Route 66.

Now for a limited time, when you order your copy of “The 66 Kids” it will be autographed by both BBB and Marshall Trimble. We say limited time because, do you know how hard it is to get both of those Yakkers in the same room and then get them to stop talking and telling stories long enough to sign a box of books? The answer is, Marshall’s wife Vanessa and David Shoelfield managed to get those two northern Arizona talkers to shut up long enough to sign one entire box of books (20) and when they are gone, well, we’ll repeat the task, but we can’t promise the same results. Short answer, order your autographed copy now. Do not delay!

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Authors: Bob Boze Bell and Marshall Trimble
Published by: The 66 Kids
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 112 pages


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