About BBB

Bob Boze Bell’s work has appeared in Arizona Highways, Playboy, National Lampoon, the Arizona Republic and True West magazine. For ten years (2002-20012) he did a video version of True West Moments which ran on the Westerns Channel.

BBB can currently be seen on the series “Gunslingers” which runs on the American Heroes Channel. Triple B is also the President and executive editor of True West magazine, positions he has held since 1999.

He has written a dozen books on Old West characters like Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Wild Bill Hickok and a three-part series (so far) on Classic Gunfights which appear in True West. These popular, heavily illustrated books have sold over 90,000 copies, so far.

In 2014 he published a visual memoir of growing up on Route 66 called “The 66 Kid,” and he is currently working on a bio of Geronimo.

As for retirement, BBB says, “Work is only work if you’d rather be someplace else. And I’m exactly where I want to be.”