Classic Gunfights, Vol. III


This Volume has the most ambitious gunfights yet, including big fights, like The Alamo and The Battle of the Little Bighorn. More icons per square inch than any other book in recent memory: Custer, Crockett, The Daltons, Black Bart, Billy the Kid, Butch & Sundance (cash out), Ben Thompson, The Apache Kid, John Wesley Hardin, Wild Bill Hickok, Luke Short and the Texas Rangers

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Author: Bob Boze Bell
Published by: TriStar-Boze
Cover Type: Softcover or Harcover
Page Count: 128 pages

Discover the facts behind the romance of Old West gunfights. Historian Bob Boze Bell has put together a terrific book on the reality of gunfights in the wild American West. From infamous outlaws such as Billy the Kid, and well-known lawmen such as Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp, to brawling madams, this book covers 24 gunfights that made a mark in western history. Profusely illustrated with historic photographs, maps, and period illustrations you’ll have a front row seat for these shootouts.

Written in an engaging style, these histories give a brief bio of the shooters involved, usually a map or diagram of the location of the gunfight, and the aftermath of the shooting. Fascinating sidebars give added information on various topics. A must read for those interested in the true history of the Old West.

About the author
Bob Boze Bell is the author of The Illustrated Life and Times of Doc Holliday; Wyatt Earp; Billy the Kid; Wild Bill Hickok; and Geronimo, as well as the quintessential gunfighter series Classic Gunfights I, II and III. Bob Boze Bell serves as executive editor of True West Magazine and has made various appearances as a guest speaker on the History, Discovery and Westerns Channels along with being featured on True West Moments on Encore’s Western Channel. His artwork may been seen on a variety of book covers and in fine art collections worldwide.


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